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How does a good designer to design the kitchen layout

The kitchen is the heart of a home. What elements does a good kitchen design include?
1. Smooth moving lines
A  Luxury Kitchen Cabinet is mainly composed of three areas, including the cooking area, the washing area, and the cooking area.
When designing a kitchen, it is necessary to arrange the layout according to the sequence of cooking operations to ensure smooth movement when using the kitchen.
2. Clean and tidy storage
Kitchen storage is divided into floor cabinets, high cabinets, hanging cabinets, shelves, etc.;
a. High cabinet: used for storage, hiding refrigerators, storing ovens, microwaves, etc.
b. Hanging cabinet: part of it is used for dry goods storage, the range hood is hidden, and the hanging cabinet cannot place heavy objects, which may deform or even fall off after a long time.
c. The base cabinet is the most commonly used storage space, pots, cutlery, etc., pay attention to the location of the sink and generally need to do moisture-proof treatment.
3. The material is suitable
Choose door panel materials and countertops that are easy to clean.
4.  Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Design size
The height is suitable for the height and usage habits of locals. The size of the cabinet should be in line with the embedded electrical appliances, and the space utilization problem should be considered in multiple directions to maximize the space utilization.

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