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Clothes storage tips in Walk in Closet


Small Closet Organization Walk in Closet

The closet at home is very small, and only seasonal clothes can be stored, and seasonal clothes can only be placed in the storage box. "Break away" frees up valuable space for the things you really like and improves the comfort index of life.



Large Walk in Closet Design for Master Bedroom

Every time the seasons change, just adjust the position in your wardrobe. Like T-shirts and shirts, they can be worn in winter. In summer, it's good to put away the heavy sweater.


Consider the following scenarios:


a, For the clothes you haven't worn in the past year, please forget them, trust me, you won't wear them often.


b, Keep a few pieces of clothes that are not worn often, but will be worn on special occasions.


c, you can give up those clothes that are pilling, worn, deformed, dirty and cannot be washed


If you feel bad about throwing your clothes away, donate them. You can book a free home recycling online, save space and money, and do charity.


Optimize space and increase wardrobe storage capacity


After clarifying the partition of the wardrobe, it is necessary to optimize the storage method and improve the "storage capacity" of the wardrobe. You should know that the wrong way to organize can waste closet space and be hard to find. The result is a mess in seconds.

The purpose of optimizing a wardrobe is to eliminate dead spots in the wardrobe and maximize the available space.


Hang clothes from short to long in the hanger area


If the clothes are not hung in the order of length, the space under the closet will be difficult to use.


Moreover, if the tail of long clothes hangs on the storage box, it is easy to cause deformation and wrinkling, and it will not look good when worn.


In real life, many parents do not lack storage space, but just place the items at home at will. In fact, they just lack storage boxes. Stack seasonal clothes in the storage bin to clear up clutter and instantly tidy up your wardrobe.


Custom wardrobe reasonable partition


The wardrobe partition is to make better use of every space in the wardrobe, and a reasonable partition is conducive to our storage.


wardrobe layout


Customized overall wardrobes have become a popular trend. The functional partition of the independent wardrobe is more user-friendly. Apparently, they are "more suitable for my clothing storage and usage habits". Such wardrobes are "truly useful wardrobes".


Multiple hanging areas


Set up as many hanging areas as space allows. For example, short sleeves and shirts in summer, sweaters and coats in autumn and winter can be hung up.


Clothes are not easily deformed when hanging, and every time you open the wardrobe, you can see the situation in the cabinet more intuitively.


Friends who feel that they are short of clothes, pants, and shoes all year round may not be really lacking, but "can't see". The clothes hidden in the storage box automatically disappear from the brain memory, leaving only a "missing" mentality. hint.


parents room:


Old people fold more clothes and less accessories. Therefore, when designing the layout of the wardrobe, you can consider making more shelves and drawers. Elderly parents should not climb or squat frequently due to their physical conditions.


Young couple:


Young couples dress relatively differently. Generally speaking, the left and right wardrobes are designed as separate storage spaces for men and women for easy access.


The clothes hanging area in the cabinet is usually divided into two layers, long and short, to store coats and tops respectively. Regular shirts can also be designed with separate small drawers or shelves to avoid wrinkling and unsightly when too much clothing is crowded together

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