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Laser seamless edge or PUR edging Kitchen furniture


Laser edging orPUR edging?

Plate furniture products customers are nothing more than the effect of edge sealing, today compare the laser edge with PUR edge sealing specific difference!

①PUR edge sealing

Processing principle: After heating, it reacts with the moisture in the air, absorbs the moisture in the air and thus cures, and the secondary heating after curing will not melt. PUR edge is irreversible, so it is very easy to distinguish with EVA edge!

Process features: small amount of glue, no overflow, no cracking, heat and cold resistance, water vapor resistance, strong stability, glue line is not obvious!

At present, our factory has fully popularized PUR edge sealing, absolutely true

② Laser edge sealing

Processing principle: The use of laser laser, high temperature behind the laser special edge strip, the back glue on the edge strip melted, directly pasted on the plate edge sealing.

Process features: no glue line, smooth chamfer, exquisite appearance, environmental protection, with higher moisture resistance, long service life. Laser edge sealing is also irreversible!

Now our factory egger plate partial color can do laser edge sealing!

Edge sealing process: Laser edge > PUR edge sealing

Our factory can now do PUR edge sealing, also can do laser seamless edge sealing, seamless acrylic, seamless PET board are our main products, the price is very competitive in the market.

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