Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall CabinetModular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall CabinetModular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall CabinetModular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet

J&S supply a Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet it is a necessary part for a kitchen cabinet, The wall cabinet can store more things and expand the space use of the kitchen.

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Product Description

Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet


The whole set kitchen cabinet has three categories: wall cabinet, base cabinet, and special cabinet shape, and its functions include washing, cooking, cooking, and storage. Cabinets are generally composed of countertops, door panels, and cabinets.
Wall cabinets are mainly for storage, and there are also some decorative cabinets, such as glass door cabinets, wine cabinets, wall cabinet end and round head laminate cabinets, etc. On the premise of meeting the storage function, there are also colorful changes in wall cabinets.


Factors of Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet double Doors


☞Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet  is made by eco-friendly moisture fiber chipboard.

☞Top brand Blum hinge soft-closing passed the test of 200,000 time opening & closing

☞Any sizes are available to fit your kitchen room

☞16/18mm solid back panel is more stable structure and more durable

☞Antirust expansion screw or Suspension Fittings for wall cabinet hanging

Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet material parameter



Wall cabinet,wall double door cabinet,Modular Kitchens Flat Pack

Cabinet Code

WXX72(XX is cabinet wide)




Particle board/plywood


White or Grey


E0,E1(Formaldehyde emission≤0.08mg/m3)

Cabinet wide



DTC,Blum soft closing type


PP heavy duty adjustable leg


DTC,Blum,GARIS tandem box or under-mounted rail

Door material

18mm MDFMelamine,Laminate,PVC(Thermofoiled),Lacquer,Acrylic,Laminate


20GP(About 200-300 cabinets)


Flat packing/Knock down packing

Details of Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet double Doors


①Eco-friendly particle board/plywood

J&S 's  panels comply with emission class European E1 and meet the stringent California Air Resources Board(CARB) emissions standards.

②Perfect melamine Edge banding

The benefits of the four-sided edge-sealing cabinet design are not only to reduce the release of formaldehyde, but also to prevent moisture from entering the board substrate to prevent deformation


③Cabinet connect hardware 

Kitchen cabinets that have been used for several years often have problems of one kind or another, ranging from noise when opening and closing the door of the kitchen cabinet, to heavy ones such as the door panel falling off, or even the part of the hanging cabinet installed on the top suddenly falling off and smashing the bottom. Other objects are closely related to the quality of the hardware used in the kitchen cabinet. It can be said that this is not simply a quality issue, but a safety issue. This is why hardware plays a key role in the quality of Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet.

Flat Pack Kitchen Wall Cabinet double Doors internal structure




Q:What’s included in a flatpack kitchen
So what’s in the flat pack box? Included in your flat pack kitchen boxes are cabinets, handles and kickboards, laminate benchtops, soft-close drawers, soft full extension drawer runners, cutlery trays and bin.
You’ll also find a comprehensive, user-friendly instruction booklet, all the fixings and dowel that you’ll need and it’s all delivered straight to your door. 

Q:Is it necessary to intall the wall cabinet ?

The installation of wall cabinets can increase the storage space of the kitchen, which can basically be doubled if conditions permit, which greatly improves the storage rate of kitchen items such as dishes, and effectively reduces the clutter of the kitchen when they are placed on the countertops. .

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