Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner BaseModular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner BaseModular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base
  • Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner BaseModular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base

Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base

J&S supply Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base.Blind-corner base cabinets are cabinets that are installed in the corner where two cabinet runs meet, and a part of the cabinet is hidden by the one adjacent to it. Hidden parts are used as storage without giving up space in the corners.

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Product Description

Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base

 A blind corner is the space that is created where two perpendicular lines of cabinets meet. A good use of limited kitchen corner storage space is to install a “blind corner cabinet,” which extends beyond the corner and takes up the unused space.

Blind corner cabinets are easy to organize and provide a great solution to your kitchen storage needs. You may be looking for a spot to keep your pots and pans or you might want a special place to organize your baking ingredients. Either way, blind corner kitchen cabinetry can help you organize your kitchen supplies without compromising elegance or functionality


Factors of Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base


☞Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base is made by full side edge banding 1mm PVC;

☞Cam lock each assemble and disassemble;

☞Free distribution of storage space by adjustable shelving;

☞16/18mm solid back panel is more stable structure and more durable;

☞Heavy duty leg ,most of factory use the small thin leg;



Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base material parameter



Corner base unit,flat pack blind corner

Cabinet Code

BCXX72(XX is cabinet wide)




Particle board/plywood


White or Grey


E0,E1(Formaldehyde emission≤0.08mg/m3)

Cabinet wide



DTC,Blum soft closing type


PP heavy duty adjustable leg


DTC,Blum,GARIS tandem box or under-mounted rail

Door material

18mm MDFMelamine,Laminate,PVC(Thermofoiled),Lacquer,Acrylic,Laminate


20GP(About 200-300 cabinets)


Flat packing/Knock down packing

Details of Single door base flat pack kitchen


①Eco-friendly particle board/plywood

All our panels comply with emission class European E1 and meet the stringent California Air Resources Board(CARB) emissions standards.

②Perfect melamine Edge banding

The benefits of the four-sided edge-sealing cabinet design are not only to reduce the release of formaldehyde, but also to prevent moisture from entering the board substrate to prevent deformation


③Cabinet connect hardware 

Cooperate with international top brands: BLUM &DTC. 50 years of service life. Passing 200,000 opening and closing cycle test.


Modular flat pack kitchen blind corner base internal structure





Organizing solutions for blind corner cabinets ,Modular Flat Pack Kitchen Blind Corner Base
It's important to understand your options before retooling your kitchen so you can choose a solution that suits your needs.

If you're just looking for a quick way to maximize storage without major overhauls, these ideas are affordable on most budgets, easy to find and easy to install.
1. Traditional Lazy Susan

These traditional revolving shelves have been a favorite of homeowners and kitchen renovators for decades. Just turn the shelf around once to get quick and easy access to the furthest corners of your kitchen cabinets to access grains or spices.
2. Lazy Susan comes to the door

This solution makes the Lazy Susan more accessible because it is placed on the inside of the cabinet door rather than on the shelf. The only limitation with this option is the weight capacity. This solution is probably best for cabinets that store lighter items like spices or kitchen utensils.
3. Pot holder

A favorite solution for the deepest blind corner cabinets, pot racks are similar to the racks in a dishwasher, but they fit inside the blind corner cabinet for easy access to your favorite cookware. They're capable of carrying a lot of weight, so you can store your heaviest cast iron skillets within reach while keeping them dust-free.
4. Wire stand

One of the easiest and most affordable options for storing dishes, coffee mugs, or cleaning products is a wire rack. These shelves fit securely inside your cupboards and can store anything you want, from spices to cutlery. The only downside to this option is that items stored on these shelves cannot be tall.
5. Custom drawers

For those who want a complete kitchen remodel, custom cabinet drawers allow easy access to your deep corner cabinets. You have complete control over every inch of cabinet space to store silverware, pot racks or kitchen towels.
6. Pull-out shelves

Pull-out shelves are an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. They're easy to find, affordable, and install by simply sliding them into the cabinet. They come in different sizes and shapes, making them a great alternative solution for custom drawers.
7. Flat front drawer

One of the most cost-effective solutions is the flat front drawer. These drawers allow you to store everything safely and within easy reach, while dulling the corners of your cabinets.
8. Garbage and Recycling

Blind corner cabinets are the perfect solution for pull-out waste and recycling systems, especially when they are close to your prep area. These pull-out solutions allow you to hide unsightly clutter to maximize space in other areas of the kitchen.

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